Lámpara Piffany Mr. Wattson - Penguin Drink
Lamp Piffany Mr. Wattson Mclaren Orange


Lamp Piffany Mr. Wattson Mclaren Orange

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Now that you’re considering adding Mr. Wattson® to your family, you might want to know a few things about him.He is a handmade LED lamp. Not factory made, HAND made. He’s proud of this fact and wants you to be proud of it too. His body is ash wood and his head is inspired by the 1946 Vespa headlight. It’s what’s made him so famous. Oh and he has very flexible joints that help him shift focus quickly, but you’ll figure that out soon enough. “Okay can we go home now?” Patience Mr. Wattson®. Patience.

Material: Ash Wood | Aluminum | Metal
Dimensions: W155 x D276 x H180 ~ 400mm
Bulb: 3W G4 LED (incl.)
Cable: 2,3M Cotton Brown