Uyuni Lighting

Uyuni Lighting Products

Uyuni Lighting is a Danish brand, specialized in LED lighting. Especially LED candles. With its classic and elegant design, Uyuni Lighting products dress and light up any room. The inspiration of the brand to create these candles comes from the skies of Uyuni, in Bolivia, South America. The designers' idea was to bring the beauty and inspiration of the Uyuni skies into homes around the world.

Find the best Uyuni Lighting products at Penguin Drink

At penguin Drink you will find a wide range of Uyuni Lighting products at a very competitive price. Visiting our website, you will see that you can choose which style of LED candle best suits your needs.

Candles are the ideal complement to any room. Nowadays, they are a decorative object with a double utility: to decorate and to illuminate, which we love. In addition, they are very grateful, because you can place them anywhere and they look good. They automatically bring elegance and style, as well as an inexplicable feeling of relaxation, wellbeing and peace.

With the Uyuni candles that you will find on our website, you will feel exactly the same as with the traditional ones, only that these are LED, that is to say that they do not end. They can last up to 8 hours lit before running out of battery and, instead of replacing it like a traditional one when it runs out, you only have to change the battery.

That's one of the great advantages over traditional candles. In addition, one of the Uyuni Lighting products that you will find in Penguin Drink, is a remote control for the candles that will allow you to control them without being near, you can turn them on, turn them off, control their brightness, program them, among other functions. That will give you an incredible comfort, because if you program your lighting schedules, you will forget to go on or off the candles.

Sizes and Models

When choosing the Uyuni Lighting products that best suit your needs, you can choose between different models and sizes, depending on the use you are going to give them and the room where they will be.

The Uyuni Candle LED Ivory color 152x180mm is ideal, for example, to have on a coffee table in the living room or on a table style furniture or have a surface to leave things in the hall of the home, next to the bowl for the keys. Another option that offers this LED candle, is on the bedside table, if we have a wide table. It can serve as a bedside table lamp, for reading or simply to have a nice dim light in the bedroom.

One of our favourite Uyuni Lighting products is the Uyuni Black LED candle Ø7,8 x 10cm. It is ideal for the bathroom, whether you have a bathtub or not, it is a must have. Candles in the bathroom are trendy, they bring personality and style to a room that is not usually decorated, is not taken into account or goes unnoticed.

In addition, if you have a bathtub, you can relax peacefully in the light of this wonderful LED candle. The fact that it is black, only makes it more elegant and majestic. In case this size is too small for you, in our online store, you will find the same design in a few centimeters larger, so you can enjoy both and choose the one you like the most.

You can use the pack of two candles Uyuni LED Ivory Pack 2 units 25x280mm as a centerpiece in the dining room or on a shelf that lacks lighting or a decorative object. You can also use them as a centerpiece outdoors, if you have a balcony, terrace or garden.

In short, Uyuni products never disappoint, never look bad or out of place, due to its simplicity, utility and the beauty of its light. Therefore, despite our recommendations, they can be used for any room, even to decorate and illuminate exteriors, whether balconies, terraces or gardens. We only give you some ideas of where you can place them, although the combinations are many and very different. They bring that magical touch that candles have, decorating the space and providing light. The advantage of these LED candles is that, with the help of the remote control, you can program them, control their light level and decide how many hours you want them to last, always within the capabilities of the product.