Bamboo Mugs

Bamboo cups are ideal as they replace plastic or cardboard cups and are environmentally friendly. In addition, they allow you to carry your favorite drinks wherever you go. Nowadays, these cups are a must have in your life and today we help you decide which one is right for you. We are all in the habit of ordering drinks to go and using single-use cups or containers. We need to get into the habit of always carrying our bamboo mugs with us to cut the habit of using disposable cups and use our reusable mug, which can be used indefinitely.

Find the best bamboo cups for coffee and your favorite drinks online.

At Penguin Drink you will find fun and unique bamboo cups for coffee and other beverages. They are made of natural bamboo fibre and are suitable for both hot and cold drinks. In addition, they do not alter the taste of the drinks due to the properties of the bamboo fibre. So you can enjoy your favourite drinks with peace of mind. They are robust, but easy to handle, easy to wash and easy to carry around, as they weigh almost nothing.

There are bamboo cups of all kinds: to go, for home, big, small, with print, without print, etc. On the Penguin Drink website you will find a wide variety of styles so you can find the ideal one for you. Most of them have a capacity of 400 ml. Although you will also find a 90 ml design to drink your espresso with a print of an adorable cat. So you can enjoy your espresso and reduce your environmental impact at the same time. Isn't that great? All the cups you'll find on the Penguin Drink website are reusable.

The bamboo cups that you will find on our website without print have two matching colours. Normally the lid and the silicone burn-proof grip are the same colour and the body of the cup is a different colour. With the printed ones, it's the same, only the body of the cup has a design on it.