Alessi Products

Alessi Products

Our wide range of Alessi products is focused on designer accessories for your kitchen. An Italian brand that was born in 1921, Alessi was originally a foundry workshop in which brass and nickel silver sheets were carved. During the years of World War II, like many other Italian companies, it had to transform and manufacture military equipment. However, at the end of the war, the company resumed its normal activity.

Since then, Alessi has evolved and is now a leading international home decor designer brand.

Find the best Alessi products at Penguin Drink

At Penguin Drink you will find a variety of Alessi products to complement your kitchen. Coffee in Italy (the brand's home country) is sacred, which is why original coffee makers could not be missing from our site. Another example of the Alessi products that you'll find at Penguin Drink are designer kettles. These original pieces will help you to always have your infusions and teas handy, so that you can enjoy them calmly at any time of the day.

On our website we have 3 different types of Alessi coffee machines, so you can choose the one that best suits you and your kitchen.

Types of Alessi coffee machines

The Alessi 9090 Richard Sapper coffee maker is an espresso machine, our most classic and elegant model, featuring a magnetic steel base for induction cooking. It is available in different colours. No matter which one you choose, it will bestow an extra dash of elegance to your kitchen and your every morning.

The Alessi Moka Coffee Maker is an espresso machine in cast aluminium, with a polyamide (PA) handle and knob. This coffee maker is our most classic design of all. It will add a unique vintage touch to your mornings and your kitchen.

Finally, you will also find the Alessi Pulcina coffee maker at our online store, a modern espresso coffee machine made from cast aluminium, with a handle and knob made of PA. As with our other models, it is available in different colours. The curious and special thing about this coffee maker is its particular shape. Its unique design is sure to draw eyes during all your kitchen meetings!

The Alessi 9093 Michael Graves Kettle is another Alessi product that you'll find at Penguin Drink. It is a kettle made of stainless steel and thermoplastic resin, featuring a magnetic steel bottom for induction cooking. It is available in 3 different colours.

Alessi products are perfect for any occasion, as their design makes them fully functional while decorative at the same time. They provide a dash of elegance and class to whichever space they are placed in, always with their characteristic looks and personality. Needless to say, Alessi products infuse class and elegance with modern and audacious design.

A powerful combination that makes these accessories and designs hard to miss!

At Penguin Drink we love having products that, besides being simple, practical and inventive, are uniquely designed. This means that our products have a twofold role: fulfilling their practical purpose and decorating whichever space they’re in. You'll find that all the products featured on our website accomplish this double function.