Piffany Copenhagen Products

Piffany Copenhagen Products

Piffany Copenhagen is a Danish brand committed to providing the best designs with craftsman style, while always remaining faithful to its ethical philosophy.

All Piffany Copenhagen products are exquisitely designed, with an emphasis on uniqueness and plain old fun. The brand strives to find the balance between functionality and minimalist elegance, bestowing each design with a unique purpose and personality.

Find the best Piffany Copenhagen products at Penguin Drink

At Penguin Drink, you will find different Piffany Copenhagen products that will bring a unique style and indisputable personality to your home. You will instantly appreciate the way these designs fill the room with their presence.

Browse through our Piffany lamps collection, complete with its respective accessories. You are guaranteed to fall for them and will have a hard time simply choosing one. You'll want to keep them all!

Mr. Wattson

If you're looking for a table lamp that will add a dash of elegance to your room, you should not miss out on our unique Piffany Mr. Wattson lamp.

This fun LED lamp simulates an armless human body. Its body is made of ash wood and it features a Vespa-inspired 1946 headlight, simulating a human face. And to top it off, the lamp comes with an exclusive complement: a foundation that simulates a snowboard for Mr. Wattson to stay on his feet.

Among our Piffany Copenhagen catalogue you'll also find different versions of this same lamp in smaller dimensions, conceived for reduced spaces: the Piffany Mini Wattson Lamp.

These lamps are ideal to keep on a desk, shelf or wherever they'll be seen, with the prominence they deserve.


Carrying on with the Piffany Copenhagen products featured at Penguin Drink, we have yet another classically-styled table lamp: the Piffany HIPP LED Table Lamp. It is a modern version of the emblematic and classic architect lamp, with an elegant and minimalist design. It fits splendidly on any desk or library, and its LED technology provides an adjustable, long-lasting low consumption lighting, ideal for reading, studying or working.

The lamp base is made of concrete, its body from ash wood, and the lampshade is painted in aluminium. You can also choose between 2 different colours: white or turquoise.

Piffany Wattson Wall Lamp

The last, but not least, of the Piffany Copenhagen products that you'll find on our website is the Piffany Wattson Wall Lamp. It is a versatile wooden lamp that can provide both a vintage and modern style, ideal for lighting and decorating any room in your house.

This lamp fulfils several purposes. Not only does it brighten any space beautifully, it also provides a unique sense of style and personality. It can be propped on its own, or in combination with other Piffany Copenhagen products that you can easily find on our website.

In addition, thanks to its modern LED technology, the Piffany Wattson Wall Lamp features low power consumption and long-lasting lighting.