Coffee makers

Stainless steel coffee machines

For coffee lovers, having a cup of coffee in the morning is one of the most sacred rituals in the world. You can use instant soluble coffee, but after a while, you will realize that you really need a coffee maker to enjoy your coffee to the fullest. At penguin Drink we have a wide range of top quality stainless steel coffee makers.

Find the best stainless steel coffee makers at Penguin Drink.

Are you thinking that you need to buy a coffee maker? This is the place for you. In our online store, you will find a variety of Italian stainless steel coffee makers with the best design, so you can really enjoy every cup of coffee you drink.

Of the different types of coffee makers, the Italian coffee maker is the one used for black coffee and espresso, although you can also add milk to taste once in the cup. It is also known as a mocha coffee maker. You simply need ground coffee and water. When you place the coffee maker on the stove, ceramic hob or induction hob, the water is heated until it starts to boil and is poured into the coffee filter. The Italian stainless steel coffee makers take a little longer to prepare the coffee than an electric one, but the good thing is that it leaves a very strong aroma of coffee, and the quality of the result is usually better, leaving a more intense coffee flavor.

In Penguin Drink we put at your disposal our Alessi steel coffee makers. All models are different and with their own personality, such as the Alessi Pulcina coffee maker with a fun design or the Alessi Ossidiana coffee maker, with a more serene design, but just as original.

The important thing is that of all the stainless steel coffee makers, you find the one that best suits you, your style, your personality, your needs and your kitchen. Our coffee pots, in addition to preparing coffee and being of quality, are another decorative element for your kitchen, so that you can always show them off without having to hide them in a cupboard.