S'well Products and Bottles

S'well Products and Bottles

S'well is an American brand of reusable thermal bottles and food containers, among other products and accessories.

Sarah Kauss, the founder of the brand, established S'Well in 2010 when she realised that sustainable products were not well designed, and that, in turn, designer products were not sustainable. It was in this way that she set out to create the characteristic S'Well bottles. Little by little, and step by step, the brand has been evolving throughout the years.

Find the best S'Well products and bottles at Penguin Drink

Among the many products of the brand, we find its diverse array of canteen-style bottles that enable us to have fresh water handy at all times. It is worth pointing out that S'Well bottles feature outstanding thermal capacities, keeping your beverages cold for up to 36 hours or hot for 18.

At the Penguin Drink online store, you'll find a diverse collection of S'well bottles in different shapes, designs and colours. Not to mention thermal mugs, glasses and other accessories. Food containers for snacks and lunches are also available in different designs, patterns and colours. Choose the one that best suits your style and personality, and combine it with your favourite accessories.

On top of being fully functional thermal containers, S'well bottles are accessories conceived for everyday use, and which can be worn with style. Browse through our online store and find the designs that represent you the most. Choose whichever best suits your wardrobe and fashion.

Collect your S'well bottles so that you can use and combine them depending on the occasion. While some models are sporty or ideal for outdoor activities, others, for instance, are trendy and fashionable.

Different designs for every taste

At Penguin Drink, you'll find a variety of S'ell bottles that will suit all tastes and ages. Everyone, without exception, can enjoy these practical and sustainable bottles.

You can even find exclusive designs for the little ones featuring cartoon prints such as Batman (S'ip by S'well Gotham City Bottle), or designs with bees or other children's designs. Moreover, their sizes are also adapted so that the little ones can stay hydrated all day long.

On the other hand, you will also find more serious, minimalist and classic designs on our website. For instance, bottles and containers with basic or marble patterns, or with plain-coloured, glossy or matte textures.

And if you're looking for more extravagant designs, we've got you covered: we have coloured designs with strikingly creative prints. For example, playful designs such as the S'well Eden Bottle, the S'well Speckled Hen Bottle or the S'well Skin in the Game Slam Dunk Bottle are sure to delight you.

Find your S'well bottle and use it every day! Not only will you be fashionable, you will also be more sustainable and environmentally-friendly. By buying one (or more) of these bottles, you are contributing to the fight against climate change and doing your share for a more sustainable world.